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Masterseal Products are Made in Minnesota

All of the filtration products in the Masterseal line feature multi-ply polyester media design. From standard sizes to custom sizes, we have a product to fit your needs. Masterseal products have saved our customers in initial cost, energy cost and annual change costs because of their high dust holding capacities and longer life.

  • Revolutionary Self-Sealing Design
  • Dual Density Construction for Maximum Depth Loading
  • Masterlok Non-Drying Adhesive for High Dust Rention
  • Unaffected by Moisture
  • Antimicrobial
  • Merv 8 Rating
The Life Cycle of Master Seal

4-ply progressive density filter construction

Layer 1 traps larger particles

Layer 2 traps smaller particles and is treated with an antimicrobial agent

Layer 3 traps the smallest particles and is treated with an antimicrobial agent

Layer 4 traps any remaining small particles and holds them in place

Sturdy, internal steel frame

Frequently Asked Questions

Which way do I install the filter?

We say “white side air entry.” The air should pass through the filter from the white side and exit through the green side.

Is the antimicrobial agent safe for use in my home?

Yes! The antimicrobial agent has been thoroughly tested and is approved by the EPA (reg.#48301-24), FDA (175.105) and USDA.

How Does the Masterseal filter compare to other filters?

The Masterseal filter is superior in performance and unlike other filters. It effectively controls the growth of trapped microorganisms on the filter, like mold, mildew, algae and fungi. Unlike electrostatic and cardboard framed filters, which allow dirty air to pass around the filter, the self-sealing Masterseal filter forces 99.99% of the air to pass through the filter, allowing more efficient removal of particulate. Also, self-charging electrostatics require a sufficient lack of humidity in the air to be effective. The Masterseal filter is unaffected by humidity.

Why is the green side so sticky/oily?

That sticky substance is called tackifier and is designed to capture the smallest of particals. It also guards against the filter releasing its contents downstream during operation.

Why doesn’t the Masterseal filter have a frame?

The Masterseal filter utilizes an internal steel frame, creating a self-sealing edge and forcing 99.99% of the air to pass through the filter.

How often should I change my Masterseal filter?

We recommend every 2 months, however the effectiveness of the filter life varies and depends on the individual conditions of your home. Dirty duct work, drywall sanding, number of pets, construction work, or smoking can shorten your filter’s life span.

What is a MERV rating?

A MERV rating, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, tells us each filters’ ability to catch particles, depending on their size. The higher the MERV rating, the better the filter is at trapping certain sizes of particles. At Scan Air Filter, we are able to customize your filter’s MERV rating, depending on your specific needs.

Masterseal Panel Filter

Masterseal panels combine a pre-filter media with Masterloc media, heat sealed around a ridged wire grid. This multi-layer and density design provides depth loading filtration vs. face loading therefore increasing the longevity and efficiency.

Masterseal panels provide 100% filtration efficiency by utilizing the entire face area and eliminating any possible air by-pass.

Masterseal panels use a Masterloc adhesive and are uniformly coated on the downstream/air leaving layer during the manufacturing process of the media. Masterloc will not dry out or migrate. These panels also incorporate Spor-Master. Spor-Master is a biocide that effectively controls the growth of mold, mildew, algae and fungi on the filter. Spor-Master will not off gas, migrate or leach into the air stream.

Masterseal panels are available in MERV ratings of MERV 7 up to MERV 11.

Masterseal Panel Link Program

Our panel link program is unique and unlike any other.

We work with our customers to develop a program to link panels. By taking individual panels and linking them together we provide an easier way to install. This also helps to eliminate any air by pass. As an additional benefit it makes it easy to take them out as well.

We work with our customers to develop a program to link panels. By taking individual panels and linking them together, we provide an easier way to install. This also helps to eliminate any air bypass. As an additional benefit, it makes it easy to take them out as well.

Masterseal Bag Filter

The Masterseal bag filter is a multi pocket design incorporating Masterloc media with Spor-Master and a ridged wire support grid. Available in 2 pocket or 3 pocket designs.

These filters are available in many standard sizes with a standard pocket depth of 15”.

Exclusive heat sealing process eliminates stitch holes and allows for a self-sealing fit in both front load and side load applications. The pocket design gives this bag filter 4 times the area of standard panel filters. This also increases dust holding capacity and greatly improves air flow. Pockets are self supporting.

Masterseal bag filters are available in MERV 8 or MERV 11.

Masterloc Frame system

Take durable galvanized wire mesh, combined with our sturdy vinyl frame to hold our quality polyester media, and you have a money-saving way toward effective air filtration.

Fast and Easy filter replacement means time savings, and the unique MasterLoc frame design can be used with various types of polyester media. With our simple loading tool you can pressure mount the replacement media in seconds, saving you labor and up-keep costs.

Utilizing the MasterLoc system is especially effective in areas that require a special size. Available in three thicknesses, we can tailor the MasterLoc sytem to your specific needs.