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Fiber Bond is a leader in Air Filtration & Specialty NonWovens

Fiber Bond has been a leading name in the air filtration and specialty nonwovens industry for over 65 years. Over this time, the company has developed a wealth of expertise in designing and manufacturing custom media and products for a variety of markets, including HVAC, Industrial Finishing, and Specialty Nonwovens. The company’s specialized knowledge and skills have allowed them to stay at the forefront of innovation in their field, providing clients with cutting-edge solutions that meet their unique needs. With a commitment to quality and excellence, Fiber Bond has established itself as a trusted partner for clients across multiple industries, providing them with the expertise and resources they need to achieve their business objectives.

Multi-Wedge Filters

Unmatched performance combined with superior quality and design. The rigid heat-sealed pockets are tapered and deliver maximum service life. The filters consist of a unique nonwoven media that is resistant to moisture, oil mists and extreme conditions.

General Polyester Media

Polyester media is manufactured using an air laid process that creates uniform, high-loft media that delivers true depth-loading capabilities. The highly resilient fibers lend themselves to vacuum-packaging which significantly reduces landed cost.